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  In a video called "Dr. Ali Muhammad Vs Ankh on Evolution", uploaded to the Youtube channel "Blacknews102" on February 10th, we find a nice debate between two well known teachers, Ankhkakek and Ali Muhammad. For those of us who are fans of Sa Neter's debates and discourses the conversation moved along as expected. At about the 36th minute of the video the discourse takes a turn. We've witnessed all kinds of debates also some rather entertaining dialog from subscribing to Blacknews102 and Sa NeterTV but this discourse between Ankh and Ali will go down in history as a legendary parable for our youth to learn from. 

I will detail the point of the conversation that has some members of the community questioning the qualifications of Dr. Ali Muhammad.

When a person called himself a doctor it implies a certain level of knowledge. Dr. Ali Muhammad is a self proclaimed doctor whose accreditation comes from organizations he created. Ali Muhammad founded the Aboriginal Medical Association, Indigenous Tribal Government, Aboriginal University, ISIS Aboriginal Law Firm, ISIS Aboriginal Trust Investment Firm, ISIS Anthropological Institute, and Aquarius Technologies to name a few. In his book Star Prophecy Dr Muhammad claims to have found a new star in our solar system. Muhammad also claims to have "deciphered the Olmec Mayan Calendar as a system of prophecy and mathematical projection of events in 2011". As we will learn here, in the Feb 10th video upload Ali Muhammad showed a fake degree in attempts to fool Sa NeterTV's audience into thinking he had a degree in the subject at hand, Evolutionary Biology.

The Breakdown

 At 36:30 of the video Ankh begins making a point about "A00" which he calls "the checkmate piece". We can hear Ali Muhammad disagree in the background by saying "No, no, no".

 36:55 Ankh says "This is why YOU need to go to a biology class". Ali replies "I have". Ankh ask for Ali to "let me talk".

For the next minute Ankh expounds on what he calls a checkmate piece until he makes his point. 

37:33 is the point when I believe the discourse took its final turn. Ankh begins explaining what the problem is with the  "pseudos" and Ali Muhammad was offended. Ankh begins going through the history of Ali Muhammad's claims and from the background we hear Ali ask "why you doing me like Anderson Cooper? You Anderson Coopering me right now".

At 38:01-03 Sa Neter switches the camera off Ankh to Ali who is now holding up a dubious diploma from Temple University.

At 38:03-05 Ali gives a subtle disclaimer. To me, this disclaimer was a dead giveaway that the document was tampered with. This disclaimer was insurance just in-case someone scrutinizing the degree, such as a school peer or a researcher who had knowledge that Ali Muhammad attended Temple University as Marcus Ali Counts, would not question the fact that the degree says Abdul-Ali Muhammad. In order to address this in advance, Ali gives the now infamous yet subtle disclaimer; "straw man name is not on it!, straw man name is not..."

Next 38:06-12 Ali tries to uses trickery, but as we will learn by the end of this article, Ali Muhammad lied about his degree in more ways than one. Ali says "the subject he is talking about I have degrees in, alright? I, I, I.... This is just one of them (Holding up a misspelled diploma)".

38:13-30 Ankh ask "where you get that degree from? Let me hold it". Ali replies "No you not holding it, watch the video". At the same time, without ever seeing the front of the degree, Ankh say "He's tricking us, lol, He tricking, Boy you the best, lol!" Ali continues to deny Ankh the diploma and they switch subjects.

At 38:29 we see Ankh laughing. Ankh had enough intuition to know the manner in which Muhammad pulled out his degree was suspicious. The degree was not in a cover and Ali would not let Ankh hold the degree. Ali say "watch the video" and that is exactly what we did. It turns out Ankhs intuition did not fail him as we learn Ali Muhammad presented a forged diploma on Blacknews102.


How To Kill a Pseudo With his Own Degree


On February 15 Nehisi Ahhah Djedefre uploaded a video called How to Kill a Pseudo with his Own Degree to his youtube page. This video contained follow up commentary by Ankh, Blak Pantha, Dr.Maat and good research done by Nehisi. In the video Nehisi pointed out the diploma Ali Muhammad held up on BlackNews102 had spelling errors. In fact, the word "science" and "twenty" were misspelled on Dr. Ali Muhammad's "degree". 

It was rather ironic that Ali Muhammad did not want to let Ankh see his "Bachelor of Science" then once the degree was scrutinized we find the term science was actually misspelled, "sciecne". That's lightweight hilarious. How could a person go for 18 years without noticing a spelling error on a Bachelor of Science degree that he keeps out of the cover, in his backpack, and flashes on camera at an impromptu science debate? The only way a scholar could go this long without noticing such an error in a document of this importance is if he made the error himself. Which it appears he did. The disclaimer from 38:03, "straw man name is not on it", along with the misspelled words "twetny" and "Sciecne", serve as EXHIBIT A.

We have motive and evidence that prove why Ali Muhammad forged the Temple University Diploma he presented on Sa Neter TV/Blacknews102;


It seems Ali Muhammad forged the degree shown on Blacknews102 because he did not want to show his real degree that has his "straw man name" on it. This is why when Ali flashed the diploma his primary concern was not his degree, it was which name was on the document. "Straw man name is not on it!, straw man name is not..." Ali Muhammad's motive for forging a diploma was to change the name on his diploma from his straw man name to his new name, Abdul-Ali Muhammad.


The misspelled words "Sciecne" & "Twetny", and Ali not noticing them, seem to serve as evidence that this reproduction was forged by none other than Ali Muhammad himself. I would like to think my readers already know the possibility of an academic institution making such a spelling error on a diploma is probable, but the chances they did in this case are little to none. 

AT 38:05 we heard "straw man name is not on it!, straw man name is not...". The three dots at the end of the quote represent Ali switching the subject to further trick people. Next Ali says "the subject he is talking about I have degrees in. See, this is just one of them". Now we have already proven the diploma was fake, but since we presume it was because if the "straw man name" let's check to see what Ali Muhammad has a degree in.

The Strawman & The Qualifications

Marcus Ali Counts earned a Bachelor is Science from Temple HPERD. Counts attended Temple from 09/01/1993 to 05/01/1998. HPERD stands for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. This is the sports & dance division of Temple.

The College of HPERD offers two degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Health Studies, Physical Education, or Sport Management and Leisure Studies
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Dance

Marcus Counts earned a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Sport Management and Leisure Studies. Temple University Undergraduate Bulletin for 1998-99 says Sports Management and Leisure Studies courses qualifies one for "sport and recreation management, and tourism and hospitality management".

Typical classes in Leisure Studies may include:

  • Principles of therapeutic recreation
  • Recreation and leisure program development
  • Legal concepts in leisure and recreation
  • Leisure and recreation services and finance
  • Leadership and administration of leisure services programs
  • Youth recreation

These are the skills Marcus Counts A.K.A. Ali Muhammad went to Temple University to acquire. Qualified with a degree in leisure studies job options include:

  • Park leisure services manager
  • Park ranger
  • Leisure services programmer
  • Private leisure club staff member
  • Park and leisure services marketer

Armed with a degree in Sports Management Ali could get jobs in:

  • Sports business administration
  • Park management
  • Event planning
  • Sports promotion

But when Ankh was discussing evolutionary biology in a debate on evolution, Ali said "the subject he is speaking of I have degrees in, here is one of them". Ali then took prerogative to present a forged copy of an irrelevant degree in Sports Management and Leisure Studies which has nothing to do with evolutionary biology. So either Ali Muhammad has another degree in a study relevant to evolution or he just flat out lied.

Interested in Sports Management Counts appeared as a walk-on to Temple's football team in 1993. I would have commended the young Counts on such an accomplishment, walking on the field a freshman and leaving the field a senior in Temple's best season in 5 years (3-8 season). Regardless of his 8-46 college football career Counts can be seen posting his football photos on social media when his credentials came into question.

Below please find the official verification of Marcus Ali Counts degree in Sports Management and Leisure Studies.



Ali Muhammad misrepresented himself and his qualifications in a evolution debate on Blacknews102 by saying "the topic he is speaking on I have degrees in that. Here is one of them", then showing the audience a forged degree with misspelled words. Ali's Temple University college division was Recreation & Dance where he majored in Sports Management and Leisure Studies. 

Investigative Reports -Archers Research

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