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The School System
Genre Hip Hop


The School System is a conglomerate of highly specialized emcees who all hold the torch to carry on the original canons of Hip Hop. Likewise, we are all products of The School System. The Mystery School album represents what we've learned in your School System.

Today we realize the school system has a pipeline which connects it directly to the prison industrial complex. Poor education and a lack of funding reduces the opportunities the average young person has to succeed. We are students of The School System. Unique emcees who all have managed to escape the Pipeline to Prison by placing poetry over percussion.

This is not music for the soft-hearted or easy listeners. This is Hardcore Hip Hop at it's finest.

The "Mystery School" album represents the emcees who contributed to the School System's debut release. L.B. Select. #Rapgod, Izrell, Shark Sinatra. Hologram Kizzie,Tajai, Cold Shoulda.

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