Casual and Phat Kat are Ron Jon Bovi

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Casual of Hieroglyphics Crew teams up with Phat Kat and Guilty Simpson to release their second single We Get It Poppin of the soon to be released album Neaux Mursi.

Phat Kat is a veteran Detroit emcee who possesses a witty street essence. Casual is a polished battle rapper and a founding member of Hieroglyphics. Casual is also official member and strong supporter of the cooperative economic conglomerate here at

The album Neaux Mursi is sent for release on Feb 19th. The music reminds us of the Grave Diggers album or Das Effects first debut, in the sense of griminess, but there are also a few smooth tracks that give the album a late 70s juk joint feel.  Check out the video to We Get It Poppin, produced by Unjust.


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