Olive Leaf Extract successfully handles the reversal of  high blood pressure, diabetic high blood sugar, is anti-inflammatory, kills all known chronic and acute infections from viruses, parasites, bacteria, yeast, fungi, kills tumors and more. It has now been shown to fight breast, prostate, colon, liver, skin cancer and autoimmune diseases like Lupus.

Many people have been correctly advocating the use of herbs for healing versus using pharmaceuticals, which are inorganic and toxic with many serious side effects. However, the advocacy of herbs has been incomplete and many times useless, leading to no healing results whatsoever. Below are four main reasons why millions of people are using herbs, but are getting no appreciable results:

1. Herbs bought from many retail stores are fraudulent. Simply, they are not the herbs you thought you were buying. The American supplement industry, along with many other countries and their supplement industries, are only regulated to the point that a claim cannot be made that a certain herb can “cure” an illness. Other than that, on the federal level, they are free to say anything. On the federal level, they even are allowed to sell something different than what is named on the bottle, due to FDA lack of regulation. The states are then allowed to prosecute on their own. The state of New York recently ran a sting operation on herbal supplements sold in Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC. They found, through plant DNA testing, that the majority of supplements were fraudulent. For example, they found that bottles of Echinacea that people usually buy when they have a flu, were actually rice flour used as filler and household plants- and not Echinacea. The same for Gingko, Saw Palmetto and St. John’s Wort. Please google search “Walmart, Walgreens, Target, GNC supplement fraud.” The big companies have been selling and exporting placebos for years with impunity.

2. Any ingestion of herbs to reverse illnesses must be taken in its liquid form- not its powdered form- for much higher effectiveness. Liquids absorb in the body better, quicker and with greater bio-availability. Many studies have shown that liquid absorption is at 98% and capsule absorption is between 10-30%. Many times, the capsules don’t even get digested, let alone absorbed. In addition, by taking solid or powdered herbs you are giving your body more work to digest the herbs and you will have to take much more of the solid herb to equal the liquid form.

3. All herbs should have the active medicinal ingredient extracted in liquid form. This way, when you take your herbal medicine, not only are you getting better absorption with the liquid, the liquid is a concentrated medicinal compound of the herb. There is a difference between simply juicing an herb and getting all its parts and extracting strictly the medicinal compounds in liquid form. One tablespoon of the juiced herb is much weaker than one tablespoon of the extracted liquid medicinal compounds. Many people will argue about the necessity of using the whole plant. In theory, that sounds good, but we are strictly focused on results and have found much more dynamic and consistent results using the medicinal extract of a plant. Results always win an argument.

4. Extraction? What’s that? No one teaching you about herbs can be considered to be a good teacher if they do not teach you about SOLUBILITY. This is the most important aspect about using herbs. Without knowing solubility, you will not be aware of the strongest and most effective herbal products available and will therefore get weak results. Solubility is the ability for a compound from a plant (or any other substance) to migrate into a second substance (called a solvent). The end product is called an extraction, as you would have extracted the medicinal active ingredient into the solvent (water, alcohol, oil, etc). The active ingredients of some plants are water soluble (can migrate into water) and not fat soluble. The active ingredients of some plants are oil/fat soluble (can migrate into oil/fat) and not water soluble. Meanwhile some other plants are soluble in ethanol (alcohol) or a mixture of ethanol and water.  A further investigation of extraction and solvents will let you know why Herbal Results has the most effective Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil.

Herbal Results Olive Leaf Extract is extracted with the best scientifically proven ratio of alcohol to distilled water. Therefore, our formulas are many times stronger than other products whose extraction methods use vegetable glycerin which is a much weaker medium for extracting Olive Leaf's active medicinal ingredient.  The same applies for our Oregano Oil which uses extra virgin coconut oil as the extraction medium.  Coconut oil is a much better oil to use for Oregano's active medicinal ingredient, as compared to the much weaker olive oil as most other brands use.


1. Olive Leaf Extract: 1 tablespoon of olive leaf extract mixed in 1/2 a cup of water, 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and late night) for a total of 3 tablespoons per day.

2. Oregano Coconut Oil: 1 teaspoon under the tongue (sublingual) and hold in mouth for ten minutes in the morning. Then 2 teaspoons spread out randomly during the day.

For inflammation and infections, use both simultaneously as olive leaf extract and oregano oil work very well together. If you can only choose one, I would recommend the olive leaf extract. If you have a chronic illness, do the above protocol for 3 months and check your health. Most chronic illnesses will be fully reversed or greatly improved before or by 3 months.

In the first week or two, you may experience flu like symptoms, skin outbreaks or get very tired. This is called the Herxheimer reaction as all the parasites in your body are dying off and thus making you feel sick. You will get over this hump in a few days. Keep taking olive leaf extract and oregano oil. You can lower the dosage for a few days if need be. However, the key is to work yourself up to the recommended dosage. You cannot over dose on olive leaf tincture and oregano oil, so there is no need to fear the amount I have suggested above. The only danger would be alcohol poisoning where you would need to drink 21 fluid ounces or approximately three full 8 ounce bottles of the olive leaf tincture in 15 minutes to reach fatal alcohol toxicity. Highly unlikely.

In addition, one way you will definitely know that the olive leaf and oregano is working is that your stool/feces will smell horrible. This is the result of worms, viruses and bacteria being killed off. All of us have these parasites in our guts and they need to be eradicated regularly. Those with chronic illnesses will have more parasites to kill off.

I also advise a vegan diet as a way of life and definitely during the period that you are healing yourself for accelerated results. Avoid like the plague: white flour, white rice, any type of wheat, sugar, table salt, soy, corn (gmo), soda drinks, anything with aspartame, monosodium glutamate (msg), high fructose corn syrup, yellow (blue, red, etc.) # whatever and any food cooked with oil except for extra virgin coconut oil. As a general rule, do not eat or drink anything that has scientific sounding names listed in the ingredients on the package, or you will be eating a science experiment that I call "fude" instead of food.

Although, I am now considered healthy by standard measures, I personally take olive leaf extract and oregano coconut oil every day. Due to the quality of results, it is now a way of life for me. I have new energy. I feel and look like I am 20 years old again.

I have personally reversed high blood pressure, diabetes, candida, acute and chronic infections (viral, bacterial, and fungal), asthma, back pain, etc. for myself and others by using the olive leaf tinctures and oregano oil. So called western allopathic medicine is based on war time medicine, only meant to stabilize you. Not cure you. That is why their hospitals are most useful for surgery or trauma care (injuries). If you want to heal yourself of diseases and take your health into your own hands, then use our olive leaf extract and oregano oil as an inexpensive solution without debilitating side effects. For example, most people with heart disease or diabetes (the main killers of people globally) are given expensive inorganic pharmaceutical medications with ACE inhibitors. The predominant side effect of ACE inhibitors is kidney failure. ACE inhibitors are found widely in heart medication for people with heart disease, cancer and diabetes and is the reason why so many people are on kidney dialysis today as compared with 30 years ago.

Our mission at Herbal Results is to provide you with natural alternatives to toxic pharmaceuticals that lead to diverse and problematic side effects.  We are committed to providing you with the best scientific extractions of organic herbs as a gift from nature that has many positive effects according to our experience and many published scientific studies.  We only ask that when you achieve your desired results, please spread the good news to your family, friends and neighbors. In addition, please post your healing results on your personal social media pages, so that others with illnesses can have a sense of tangible hope.  We wish you a peaceful journey of healing.


Heru Ofori-Atta
Founder and CEO 


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